The God’s Child and The Evil Spirit

“Why is this bastard quarrelling with her at this wee hour”, grumbled Mr. Srinivasan. It was 2.30 AM and the entire apartment was silent except for Siddharth and Stella. “Just sleep without minding it” said Mrs. Kavitha Srinivasan turning aside to cover her ears with pillow.
By 5.45 AM the entire apartment woke up to Siddharth’s howl. “Something wrong with him” ran Mr. Srinivasan to his neighbour’s house. The door was locked. No one answered his knock at the door. But, Mr. Srinivasan could still hear Siddharth howling his wife’s name. He was just repeating her name. Mr. Srinivasan sensed something is terribly wrong and ran back to his house to call the apartment association head.
Before the association head reached the place the entire apartment crowd were gathered before Siddharth’s house. Siddharth was still howling “STELLLLLLLLLLAAAAAA”. Association head said it is wise to call the police than waste time knocking the door.
Police gathered at the spot by 6.15 AM and the crowd were gossiping what could have happened inside. Police decided to break open the door and when they did they were transfixed and bewildered with what they saw in the hall. Stella was lying sidewise dead with a crowbar piercing her body from upper abdomen to her lumbar curve. Blood was flowing throughout the hall. Siddharth was sitting on his knees near her still howling her name with tears. A half broken VAT69 bottle was rolling before the entrance of the bedroom and the bedroom door was closed. When the police advanced toward the bedroom they found blood flowing below the door. They sensed another horror and opened the latch to find a 7 year old girl child lying dead with blood flowing from her back side of head. The child was Aeysha, the daughter of Siddharth Stella pair.
The people crowded in front of the house were equally shocked and they were fuming against Siddharth. The inspector asked the crowd to move away and let them work in bringing the bodies out. Inspector took Mr. Srinivasan away and asked him about Siddharath’s family. “They came to this apartment before 5 years. They are a lovely couple and they loved each other very much. Stella was an orphan and she was brought up in a Christian orphanage. She was an educated woman but she preferred being a home maker. Siddharth married Stella much against his parents wish. His parents abandoned him after he married Stella and Siddharth stood on his own after his marriage. He was a man of moral principles and he was proud projecting himself a secularist. “So was his daughter named Ayesha, right?” asked the inspector. “Yes it is” said Mr. Srinivasan. “Of late he started to come home drunk and quarrelled with his wife all nights and it has gone beyond limits last night. The worst part is Stella was pregnant for the past 5 months” concluded Mr. Srinivasan.
Inspector went back to the hall and the constable informed him that the body of Stella smelled with urine and he also showed the collected pieces of glass of the remaining half of the VAT69 bottle which was used to hit Aeysha’s head. Inspector asked his men to remove the bodies and take them to the mortuary for post mortem. He asked Siddharth to stand up and his ears didn’t even receive what the inspector said. Then the inspector helped him stand up by holding his hands. When Ayesha’s body was taken out Siddharth just realised that he has killed his beloved daughter too and he started to slap himself.
Two days later Siddharth was sitting inside the cell of the cental jail. He was sitting like a stone with a dead face. Tears were rolling down his fair cheeks. He was still recovering from the shock that he killed his wife and daughter. He tried to recollect what happened that particular night but failed. His memories went back to his college days.
Siddharth got down from his car at his college parking lot and was searching for his friend Soms @ Soma Sundar. He didn’t find him there and he realised he was already late to his marketing class. He rushed to his classroom to find his professor teaching product development cycle. Siddharth excused the class and took his seat near Soms.
“Why were you late? You missed seeing Ramya today. She has dressed like an angel for her birthday” murmured Soms to Siddharth without taking his eyes off the board. “Oh bad. I missed the sight. Did you enjoy sighting her?” asked back Siddharth. “Not only me. The entire college was admiring her today. When she got down from her car I was looking at her with my mouth open and her dad was looking at me with his eyes wide open. When I looked at him while turning sideways to take my bag he kept a dog face at me and was ready to bite me” replied Soms. “You deserve it piggy” giggled Siddharth.
The professor at the end of the class asked the students to form in groups for a new project. The project is making a 3 minute video for a social cause. Siddharth and Soms registered their group which had two more members, their friends obviously. One was Allwin and the other was Siddhique. All four grouped together at the class break to discuss about the project. Siddharth suggested doing a project on orphanages. His plan was to make a video which asks people to fund part of their pocket money for the education expenses of orphans. All his friends accepted the plan and they decided to shoot a film based on this subject from an orphanage that is nearby their college.
It was Friday and the friends planned to shoot the film the following two days. “Shall we watch a movie tonight at Paradise theatre?” Soms asked other friends and all nodded in affirmation. While on their way back home from theatre they saw a guy hitting his wife with a stick. Siddharth stopped his car and rushed to the man. His friends were shouting not to go. “Leave her. Who are you and why do you hit her?” Siddharth asked the man. “ Oh! Come on Lord Krishna. You have come to save a woman. Isn’t it? Bastard. Move away. This is my wife and I have all rights to hit her” the man howled at Siddharth and started hitting his wife again. Siddharth pulled the man away from her and threw away the stick he had. The man was heavily drunk and he fell down once Siddharth pulled him. He couldn’t gain the balance to stand again. Siddharth turned to the woman and asked her where her house was. It was 1.30 AM already. She replied him that it is just few metres away from road and she can manage to go home back. But, she was worried about her husband. “Can you help me in getting him back home? Please” the woman pleaded Siddharth. By the time other friends have rushed to the spot and they were helping the man to get up. That man started shouting once again. “Is he your secret husband my dear wife? You bitch. Answer me. Why is he helping you and throwing me down to the floor. For how many years have you been with him? Answer me bitch” the man was talking out of senses. The woman looked at Siddharth with a sorry face and he just signalled her to move forward to her house. Siddharth and his friends rested the guy on his bed and came out of the house immediately. It was a small hut and they were looking too poor to run their life. Siddharth after coming out of house offered Rs1000 to the woman and she refused to take it from him. “My husband is a really nice guy and he behaves like this only when he is drunk. Otherwise he keeps me happy. I don’t want your money. Thanks for helping me” the woman said Siddharth. “Why did you come to road today and how many days will you manage this guy’s drunken behaviour?” Siddharth asked the woman. “This happens daily. Once he gets drunk he starts to doubt if I have relationship with anyone else. He chases me out of the house often. By morning he will ask sorry and take me back to house. This has become a day to day activity and I’m used to it. Thank You and please move away from here soon” the woman replied Siddharth. The friends moved back to the car and while driving Siddharth was wondering how alcohol changes the character of a man over a short period of time.
The next day Siddharth and his friends were sitting in front of Sister Lucy who was in charge of ‘The Home for All’ orphanage. She was not happy with the proposal that Siddharth made. “Look Sister. We are just trying to help these orphans to get their education. You should help us in this” reiterated Siddharth. “Don’t call them orphans. Call them God’s children for heaven sake” Sister Lucy was stern in her reply. When Siddharth and his friends were about to give up their proposal to Sister Lucy, Stella entered Sister Lucy’s room. Stella is a long time inmate of the home and she looks after the house keeping unit of the home. Siddharth had no interest in looking who was coming inside the room and he signalled his friends to stand up. They stood up and thanked Sister Lucy for spending time with them and left the room. “She talks as if she is the mother of all these children. What wrong is going to happen if we film them?” fumed Allwin. Siddhique calmed down Allwin and asked him to stand in her shoes to look at the situation. “Maybe their rules and regulations don’t allow them to give us permission to film” said a concerned Siddhique.
While they were about to get into the car Stella signalled at them to stop. Soms was the first to find her signalling and he asked others to stop getting into the car. “Seems like she also wants to come with us out from this home” joked Soms. “Will you shut your mouth up?”yelled Siddharth. Stella was literally running towards them and when she stopped she was breathing heavily. She took a deap breath and said them that Sister Lucy is ready to allow them to film their children provided they don’t hinder them or make fun of them. Suddenly Stella looked like an angel with a good message to Siddharth. “Thanks a lot Madam. May we know your name” asked Siddharth. “I’m Stella and I look after the house keeping unit of this home. I’m in charge of providing you facilities in filming your movie” replied Stella. “Hi Stella, I am Siddharth, he is Soma Sundar @ Soms @ Piggie, he is Siddhique and he is Allwin” Shiddarth introduced everyone to them. “Hi all. I don’t like calling people with full name and hence will call you all in a short name. I’ll call this guy Soms, Allwin as All, Siddhique as Siddhu and you as Driver since you drive this car” Stella said her conditions to them. Siddharth was impressed with her naughty way of handling people and he was much impressed with his new name, Driver.
Stella took them to the main hall and there were children of different ages. Most of the children were either mentally unwell or physically unwell. Only few were leading a normal life. Once Stella stepped inside the hall all the children ran to her and hugged her legs. Stella was hugging all children back and asked them to take their place back. Siddharth was overwhelmed by the love Stella received from these special children. Stella introduced the filming team to the children with their new pet name and the group started filming the children. All the children were happy that they were being filmed.
It has been 2 hours since starting the work and the filming group wanted to rest. They went back to the car, took cold drinks from the small refrigerator and each had one except for Siddharth. “These aerated cold drinks are nothing but good latrine cleaners, yet, we love to drink them. This is the greatest advantage of the Americans. They have the ability to make us believe that even shit is tasty and they sell them to us” Siddharth frowned at his other friends. “Hey you Buddha. If not for these drinks my tooth would go dark yellow. Who has the patience to brush tooth daily? So, please stop your communist lectures” replied back Soms. Only when he was about to finish the cola bottle Siddhique found a small lizard floating dead in the cola. He vomited immediately and his friends understood the seriousness. Siddharth gave an angry look at Soms and took Siddhuque on his hands. They intended to move him into the hall of the home and before reaching the hall Siddhique fell down on the ground and he started to vomit a lot.
“What’s happening to Siddhu?” Stella ran toward the friends from the hall. All the children were following her. Stella pushed Siddharth and his friends away and took Siddhu to the centre of the hall by herself. Siddharth was frightened by the strength she had to carry Siddhique. She let him lye on the floor of the hall and rushed to a small room parallel to the main hall and took some medicines. She asked the children to give him medicines and called the local doctor over phone to ask for a remedy. After keeping the receiver she turned to Siddharth and asked him to start the car immediately as Siddhu should be rushed to hospital. Siddharth ran to the car to keep it ready and by the time Stella, Soms and Allwin were carrying Siddhu to the car he was ready.
The car rushed to ‘The Hindu Mission hospital’ and Siddhu was admitted immediately. The doctor appreciated the quick wittedness of Stella and warned the friends not to have those aerated cola drinks again in life. “Why do you people fund your own death with those drinks? From now on please avoid them and your life will be healthy” he advised looking at Soms face.
Siddhique got well in 4 days time. Stella and his friends were happy that he recovered and Siddharth thanked Stella for everything. He also asked her to give him time to talk to her personally. She asked him to come to Home and she can’t go out alone with him. Siddharth nodded in affirmative.
By evening 5 Siddharth reached the Home and went to meet Stella. She was in the hall feeding tablets to a mentally suffering child. He went straight to Stella and said “I will take care of you like this and I want you to take care of our children like how you take care of these children. Will you marry me?”. Stella was frozen in shock by this sudden emotional attack and she just went away from the place immediately. Siddharth went to Sister Lucy’s room and said her about his love on Stella and his desire to marry her. “I’ll be happier if Stella is ready to accept a normal family life. She has been serving this Home for the past 25 years and I strongly believe she needs a man to take care of her for the rest of the life. But, I can’t force her or advice her to accept you. If she is ready to marry you and if you believe you can take good care of her, you shall go ahead. I have no objections” replied Sister Lucy. Overjoyed with Sister Lucy’s acceptance Siddharth went back to the main hall and gathered the children and explained them his idea to marry their Stella Miss. The children raised their hands and shouted out of joy. He asked the children to go to Stella and ask her if she is ready to marry him.
“Miss marry that uncle. We want you to marry that uncle” the children shouted one by one. Stella notwithstanding the shyness in her face replied “Ok children, I will marry him. Tell this to your uncle”. Siddharth went back to Sister Lucy and informed her about her final semester examinations and the marketing job he has secured in a company from the recruitment drive of his college. “I’ll join the job once my exams are done and will talk to my parents about the marriage. Till then I want you to keep Stella safe and happy” Siddharth said Sister Lucy. “Come on Sir. We have kept her happy for the past 25 years and you need not order us to keep her safe and happy. It’s our duty and we do it with pleasure. Don’t act over smart for your love” was the stern reply from the Sister to Siddharth. But, she had a slim smile over her lips when she said that. Siddharth left back to room happily.
He informed his parents about his love on Stella and his plans to marry her once he joins the job. His parents obviously opposed the proposal and they were concerned about her background and her religion. He tried consoling his parents but went in vain. He risked not to take his parents’ permission and married Stella in a church with Sister Lucy, Soms, Allwin and Siddhique to his support. While the new pair was going back to Siddharth’s house, actually his ancestral property which Siddharth had in his name, Siddharth said Stella “Now I’m also a God’s child with only you by my side to take care of me”. Stella hugged him and said “I’ll take care of you and our children. You should take care of me”. Siddharth smiled with tears rolling down his cheeks.
Months went after marriage and the couple were leading a happy married life. In the mean time Siddharth shifted to another company which promised him a salary almost double than what he was getting from his previous company. But, the job here was not as peaceful as it was in the previous company. Targets were unrealistic and Siddharth was struggling to meet targets. His performance reduced drastically and he was worried about his future. In the meanwhile Stella gave birth to a girl child and Siddharth named her Ayesha.
It was at this point of time Mukesh joined Siddharth’s company as his colleague. He befriended Siddharth and he introduced Siddharth to a new world. It was September last week and Siddharth has just completed 40% of his target. He was frustrated and he planned to quit the job. Mukesh consoled him and took him to a bar. He said marketing job is always a stressful one and one should take in alcohol to forget those stress. Though Siddharth refused to have alcohol Mukesh convinced him to take only beer which he said was less alcoholic. Siddharth took a pint of beer and found himself stress free. He hid his new habit from Stella. He started to drink beer often and came late to house.
After two years of their marriage Siddharth came with a business plan to Stella and he said he will be doing the business along with Mukesh. When Stella asked about the fund for the business, Siddharth said he will sell this ancestral house for a good price and will buy a house at an apartment and use the rest of the money for investment in business. “Siddharth I don’t think it’s a wise decision. Why don’t you work for 2 more years and then work out this business plan?” was the reply from Stella. “No Stella. I have been struggling with this job and If I continue with this job I’ll lose my health and peace in life. So I stand by this decision. Please don’t stop me. Within 2 months Stella, Ayesha and Siddharth moved to their new house in an apartment and they had their old house and their car sold.
In the mean time Siddharth had started to consume alcohol daily in small quantity. He convinced himself that only alcohol can help him from being out of stress. Stella also found his newly developed habit, but, never questioned him. She thought he was keeping her and her child happy and why stop him from his new habit. After 6 months of starting busiess, Siddharth realised Mukesh has mishandled most of the investment and before he could plan what to do next, everything went out of control. Mukesh had run away with all the investment Siddharth had made and he had also got huge money from money lenders under the company’s name. Siddharth was struggling to pay all the money back to the money lenders.
After 4 years, Siddharth had repaid all the money that the money lenders demanded. But, he had to sell all his properties which he had earned while he was working. He was now working for a private firm. His body was not co operating the highly demanding marketing job. He couldn’t meet the targets and this made him drink more and more. Situation at house worsened. He couldn’t pay the school fees for Ayesha. He started to point fingers at Stella for all his problems. When he was normal he would take to them caringly. But when he was drunk he was shouting at them.
“Come out of the cell Siddharth. Today you will be taken to the court. You should answer the questions raised by the Judge” Inspector informed Siddharth. Only after hearing the inspector’s voice Siddharth came back to this world. He had become week. He was skinny. He hadn’t taken any food for the past 8 days. He was just sitting in a corner and thinking of his past.
“What happened that night? What made you kill your wife and children?” the judge questioned Siddharth. He looked at the judge with a determined look and started speaking.
“Alcohol is the evil spirit that made me kill my wife and daughter. I became so evil that I killed my wife who was 5 months pregnant and my 7 years old daughter who has just started understanding this world”. “I want your answer to be more filtered. What made you kill them?” the judge asked Siddharth back.
“All started with a guy whom I had befriended from the second company I worked for. He introduced me to alcohol. He made me lose my mind. He canvassed me to start a new business. My wife asked me not to get into it. But, under the influence of alcohol I didn’t listen to her. I lost all my money to that rascal. I started drinking a lot. My current job doesn’t help me meet my alcohol expenses. I started to demand money from my wife. I asked her to sell her jewels for me to drink. I became a full time drunkard. Money started to go away from us. A colleague in my current job said me that he was ready to pay me Rs 1 lakh if I could manage him a kidney of a 6-8 year old child for his son. My brain under the influence of alcohol started to think evil. I planned to give my own daughter’s kidney to him if it matched. That night I drank a lot and took a full bottle of whiskey with me. I demanded my wife to let Ayesha come with me so that I can sell her kidney. Stella pleaded me to give up my decision and be silent. But, I didn’t listen to her. I was not in a situation to listen to her. I dragged Ayesha with me and Stella caught my legs and she was not leaving me. Irritated with her act, I opened my zip and pissed at her face in order to make her leave my legs free. But she was catching hold of leg strongly and was not leaving me. This was when I took the crow bar which was under the TV rack and forced it on her. She fell down dead. My daughter Ayesha was running to the bedroom to escape from me. I took the whiskey bottle, drank everything and went to the bedroom. I dragged her and she was not coming. I forced the whiskey bottle at her head and she fell down crying. When I gained my senses back I found myself sitting near my wife and crying at her” Siddharth completed his confession.
The judge charged Siddharth with murder charges and punished him with life time imprisonment. Siddharth went back to jail and started fasting. On the 21st day of imprisonment, the jailers found Siddharth dead. His body was too lean and most of his body parts had decayed even before his death. The life of a moral human being who became host to an evil spirit thus ended. The evil spirit is named ALCOHOL.